Role Play site!


Hello! I'm Alice one of the site admins/site owner adopted, here to welcome you to our site! Here you can use all the imagination that your mind creates! However we do have a few rules!

 1. Be on often! If you are going to be gone for long periods of time contact an admin! 

2. Keep profane words to a minimal.

3. No god-modding. (Role Playing another's character without their permission)

4. Even if you don't like someone, please be nice.

5. (To Admins) You are NOT allowed to delete anyone without my permission. I'd really just appreciate if you'd let me know who and why.

6. Keep it PG-13

7. No power playing. Please, it annoys everyone. If it's by accident, it's ok, just learn from the mistake. Ex: Jacob leaped at Sam and snapped his neck, before clawing at his face. (The other person has a right to dodge, however you can't dodge EVERY attack) Don't make your character overly powerful!

8. The admins are glad to help out or answer any questions, but please try not to be rude or annoying. Ex: Don't constantly ask them for a high role. If they say no, the answer is no.

To sum it up, try and be on often. If you have any questions just ask! We're here to help!

Thanks for joining! and have fun!

~ Alice and more!

P.S. Check out the More Info page for well more information on the different roleplays. Also I have a few other pages I can create, so if you have a roleplay idea that you'd like to do let me know!

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 If you'd like me to add or take away a video let me know!